Maven Modules

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Id Repo Group ID Artifact ID Packaging Name Description
1494 SNRSR org.sonarsource.sonar-packaging-maven-plugin sonar-packaging-maven-plugin maven-plugin SonarQube :: Packaging Maven Plugin Parent pom of SonarSource public projects
1552 SNRSR org.sonarsource.scanner.maven sonar-maven-plugin maven-plugin SonarQube Scanner for Maven Trigger SonarQube analysis on Maven projects
1584 SNRSR org.sonarsource.update-center sonar-update-center-mojo maven-plugin SonarSource :: Update Center :: Maven Plugin SonarSource Update Center
1692 SNRSR org.sonarsource.sonar-dev-maven-plugin sonar-dev-maven-plugin maven-plugin SonarQube Development Maven Plugin Tool for development of SonarQube plugins
1981 ASFGH org.apache.johnzon johnzon-maven-plugin maven-plugin Johnzon :: Maven Plugin Apache Johnzon is an implementation of JSR-353 (JavaTM API for JSON Processing).
2283 ASFGH org.apache.rat apache-rat-plugin maven-plugin Apache Creadur Rat::Plugin4Maven A plugin for Apache Maven that runs Apache Rat to audit the source to be distributed.
2354 ASFGH org.apache.cxf cxf-xjc-plugin maven-plugin Apache CXF XSD2Java Plugin The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects. The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field. We consider ourselves not simply a group of projects sharing a server, but rather a community of developers and users.
2419 ASFGH org.apache.commons commons-weaver-maven-plugin maven-plugin Apache Commons Weaver Maven Plugin Weaving Maven goals
2672 ASFGH org.apache.marmotta marmotta-maven-plugin maven-plugin Maven Marmotta Plugin A Maven plugin that can be used to configure a running instance of the Linked Media Framework
2673 ASFGH org.apache.marmotta refpack-maven-plugin maven-plugin Maven Refpack Plugin This Maven Plugin allows generating IzPack Refpack descriptions out of a collection of dependencies
2678 ASFGH org.apache.marmotta buildinfo-maven-plugin maven-plugin Maven Buildinfo Plugin Parent POM for the Apache Marmotta project
2680 ASFGH org.apache.marmotta repocheck-maven-plugin maven-plugin Repository Plugin Check which repository contains which dependencies
4133 ASFGH org.apache.maven.plugins maven-jar-plugin maven-plugin Maven IT JAR Plugin Stub A test plugin that has the same coordinates and goals as the Maven JAR Plugin. Its goals only create marker files to check the principle invocation of the goals via the build lifecycle binding.
4479 ASFGH org.apache.commons commons-build-plugin maven-plugin Apache Commons Build Plugin Maven Mojo Apache Maven Mojo for Apache Commons Build tasks.
4860 ASFGH org.apache.maven.plugins maven-surefire-plugin maven-plugin Maven Surefire Plugin Maven Surefire MOJO in maven-surefire-plugin.
4861 ASFGH org.apache.maven.plugins maven-failsafe-plugin maven-plugin Maven Failsafe Plugin Maven Failsafe MOJO in maven-failsafe-plugin.
4862 ASFGH org.apache.maven.plugins maven-surefire-report-plugin maven-plugin Maven Surefire Report Plugin Maven Surefire Report MOJO in maven-surefire-report-plugin.
4949 ASFGH org.apache.odftoolkit schema2template-maven-plugin maven-plugin XML Schema to Template Mapping Tool: Maven2 Plugin Maven Plugin for XML Schema to Template Mapping Tool
4998 ASFGH org.apache.maven.its.plugins maven-it-plugin-active-collection maven-plugin Maven IT Plugin :: Active Collection A test plugin that depends on active collections of core components.
4999 ASFGH org.apache.maven.its.plugins maven-it-plugin-ant-based maven-plugin Maven IT Plugin :: Ant-Based A test plugin whose mojos are implemented via Ant scripts.
5000 ASFGH org.apache.maven.its.plugins maven-it-plugin-artifact maven-plugin Maven IT Plugin :: Artifact A test plugin that manages the build artifacts of a project. More precisely, it can set the main artifact's file, attach artifacts and install/deploy them to the repos. As such, it is the simplified essence of a bunch of production plugins.
5002 ASFGH org.apache.maven.its.plugins maven-it-plugin-class-loader maven-plugin Maven IT Plugin :: Class Loader A test plugin that tries to load classes and/or resources via the plugin class loader or the thread's context class loader.
5006 ASFGH org.apache.maven.its.plugins maven-it-plugin-configuration maven-plugin Maven IT Plugin :: Configuration A plugin that allows any configuration in the form of a DOM which allows inspection after configuration processing inside Maven's core.
5007 ASFGH org.apache.maven.its.plugins maven-it-plugin-context-passing maven-plugin Maven IT Plugin :: Context Passing Maven Integration Tests Plugins, to completely decouple ITs from production plugins.
5009 ASFGH org.apache.maven.plugins maven-clean-plugin maven-plugin Maven IT Clean Plugin Stub A test plugin that has the same coordinates and goals as the Maven Clean Plugin. Its goals only create marker files to check the principle invocation of the goals via the build lifecycle binding.
176 Maven Modules found, displaying 1 to 25.