Maven Modules

210 Maven Modules found, displaying 1 to 25.
Id Repo Group ID Artifact ID Packaging Name Description
1494 SNRSR org.sonarsource.sonar-packaging-maven-plugin sonar-packaging-maven-plugin maven-plugin SonarQube :: Packaging Maven Plugin Parent pom of SonarSource public projects
1552 SNRSR org.sonarsource.scanner.maven sonar-maven-plugin maven-plugin SonarQube Scanner for Maven Trigger SonarQube analysis on Maven projects
1584 SNRSR org.sonarsource.update-center sonar-update-center-mojo maven-plugin SonarSource :: Update Center :: Maven Plugin SonarSource Update Center
1692 SNRSR org.sonarsource.sonar-dev-maven-plugin sonar-dev-maven-plugin maven-plugin SonarQube Development Maven Plugin Tool for development of SonarQube plugins
2225 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-compile-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Compile Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Handles source and test compiles
2227 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-aspx-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: ASPX Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Precompiles aspx pages
2228 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins aspnet-maven-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: ASP.NET Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Support for ASP.NET web projects and applications
2229 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins custom-lifecycle-maven-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Custom Lifecycle Extensions Plugin Registers the type handlers for all core dotnet types including empty lifecycles.
2230 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins msdeploy-maven-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: MSDeploy Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for Microsoft Web Deploy
2231 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins azure-maven-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Azure Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for packaging of Azure Cloud Services
2232 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins application-maven-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Application Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Packaging of runnable .NET applications
2233 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-fxcop-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: FxCop Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Runs the FxCop Code Analysis Tool
2234 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-install-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Install Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Installs compiled artifacts into the local repository.
2235 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-ilmerge-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: ILMerge Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Merges assemblies
2236 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-link-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Link Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Uses AssemblyLinker utility for linking, embedding and adding resources to an assembly.
2237 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-mojo-generator-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Mojo Generator Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Generates Java Bindings for .NET Mojo
2238 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-resgen-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: ResGen Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Generates assembly resources
2239 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-resolver-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Resolver Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Resolves Artifacts
2240 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-test-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: Test Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Tests class files with NUnit
2241 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-xsd-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: XSD Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Generates schema bindings
2242 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-xsp-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: XSP Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Manages the Mono XSP Server
2243 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins maven-wsdl-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: WSDL Maven Plugin Maven Plugin for .NET: Generates Client-side Proxies from WSDLs/Service References
2244 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins wix-maven-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: WiX Maven Plugin Generates Installer Packages (MSI) through the Windows Installer XML Toolset.
2245 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins partcover-maven-plugin maven-plugin NPanday :: PartCover Maven Plugin Allows user to generate code coverage reports for .NET source code.
2246 ASFGH org.apache.npanday.plugins NPanday.Plugin.Addin.JavaBinding maven-plugin NPanday :: Add-in Plugin (Java Binding) Plugin for NPanday Addin for Visual Studio IDE
210 Maven Modules found, displaying 1 to 25.