Maven Modules

9,262 Maven Modules found, displaying 1 to 25.
Id Repo Group ID Artifact ID Packaging Name Description
62 JVRTN com.jv-ration.docker team-city-farm pom JV-ration TeamCity Farm Build results enable creation of new VM, which runs ready for use installation of TeamCity server and client
63 SNRCM org.sonarqube.auth.bitbucket sonar-auth-bitbucket-plugin sonar-plugin Bitbucket Authentication for SonarQube Bitbucket Authentication for SonarQube
64 SNRSR org.sonarsource.sonarqube sonar-plugin-api jar SonarQube :: Plugin API Open source platform for continuous inspection of code quality
65 com.github.scribejava scribejava-apis
66 gson
67 javax.servlet javax.servlet-api
68 jsr305
69 org.assertj assertj-core
70 junit junit
71 org.mockito mockito-core
72 com.squareup.okhttp mockwebserver
73 ASFGH commons-io commons-io jar Apache Commons IO The Apache Commons IO library contains utility classes, stream implementations, file filters, file comparators, endian transformation classes, and much more.
74 JUNIT junit junit jar JUnit JUnit is a unit testing framework for Java, created by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck.
75 org.hamcrest hamcrest-core
76 org.hamcrest hamcrest-library
77 SNRSR org.sonarsource.parent parent pom SonarSource OSS parent Parent pom of SonarSource public projects
78 SNRCM org.sonarsource.scm.jazzrtc sonar-scm-jazzrtc-plugin sonar-plugin SonarQube :: Plugins :: SCM :: Jazz RTC Jazz Rational Team Concert SCM Provider.
79 org.codehaus.sonar sonar-plugin-api
80 org.codehaus.sonar sonar-testing-harness
81 ch.qos.logback logback-classic
82 org.codehaus.sonar-plugins parent
83 SNRCM org.codehaus.sonar-plugins sonar-trac-plugin sonar-plugin Sonar Trac Plugin Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from a Trac instance.
84 org.apache.xmlrpc xmlrpc-client
87 ASFGH org.apache.maven maven-project jar Maven Project Builder This library is used to not only read Maven project object model files, but to assemble inheritence and to retrieve remote models as required.
89 SNRCM org.codehaus.sonar-plugins sonar-googleanalytics-plugin sonar-plugin Sonar Google Analytics Plugin Add the Google Analytics tracking script to the SonarQube web application.
9,262 Maven Modules found, displaying 1 to 25.